Schools raise $28,000 for cancer research

Schools raise $28,000 for cancer research
Posted on 05/24/2022

Clearview is proud to share that students and staff in Clearview's schools have raised $28,057.85 towards cancer research. The money was raised in the fall of 2021 when schools hosted Terry Fox Run events. In May Clearview received a thank you letter from the Terry Fox Foundation and that includes the total amount raised in Clearview in 2021. The amount is nearly $4,000 more than last year, when Clearview’s schools raised $24,155.80. 

“We are proud of our students for this significant achievement,” says Brenda MacDonald, Clearview Superintendent. “We admire each student’s generosity and effort to raise money. Your actions are inspiring and encouraging. Also, thank you to staff for helping students understand the importance of giving, and for helping them connect with the legacy of Terry Fox. Thank you to our families as well, for supporting your children in this event each year. This success is another evidence of the caring community we have in Clearview.”  


Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox’s story is a defining piece of Canadian history and has become an integral part of the Alberta curriculum. According to the Terry Fox Foundation, “In 1980, Terry Fox set out on a mission to transform his dream of finding a cure for cancer into reality. Terry never faltered in his determination to bring an end to this terrible disease.” 

Also, the Foundation points out that part of Terry’s intent was to inspire the next generation. The Foundation notes Fox said, “I wanted to set an example that would never be forgotten.” 

According to the Foundation, the Terry Fox Run has raised more than $850 million for cancer research since 1980.