Aboriginal Self-Identification

Why declare?

Did you know that for each student that self identifies as Aboriginal, Clearview Public Schools receives an additional $1,200 per child from the Alberta Government, which goes directly to your school. This means more funding for schools, which translates into more opportunities for students. If you believe there is Aboriginal ancestry in your family (First Nation, Metis, or Inuit), we are asking families to consider declaring their sons or daughters.

Closing the educational achievement gap between First Nation, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) and non-FNMI learners is a priority for the Government of Alberta. They recognize that school authorities may require additional resources to offer program planning and supports for FNMI students in order to eliminate any gaps and ensure student success. With this in mind the Government of Alberta provides a funding allocation to school authorities based on the number of self-identified FNMI students registered annually.

What is the purpose of the FNMI self-identification question on school registration forms?

This question was introduced to identify First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) students in the province in order to help improve education programs and to support FNMI student success. Self-identification is voluntary and does not require verification.

You are not asked nor required to declare proof of ancestry.

Parents have the option each year to verify, change, or remove their current year status if they choose.

What are the dollars used for?

Dollars received for each self-identified FNMI student goes directly to the school. The $1,200 per child is used towards your child's education, supporting teacher positions, teaching assistants and supplies.

How will my child benefit from answering the voluntary self-identification question?

Knowing how Aboriginal students, as a whole, are doing in school helps Alberta Education and school authorities understand what programs are working; where additional programs, resources and supports are required; and what changes may be needed to improve the education system for the benefit of Aboriginal students.

How to declare?

Declaring is NOT done automatically. Parents declare their child's status on the school registration form that is signed every year. There is a specific location on the School Registration Form that asks if you would like to declare your child. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact your child's school office staff or school principal for assistance.

To download a copy of the Aboriginal Self-Declaration Form, please click HERE.

If you have questions regarding the collection of student information by Clearview Public Schools, please contact the Associate Superintendent, Business and Finance at 403-742-3331.

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