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Clearview schools make hallways a fun place for students!

The Don’t Walk in the Hallway initiative showcases how physical activity has a profound impact on a child’s mind, body and community.

Clearview Public Schools will be increasing the fun and health of students by encouraging creative ways to move in our hallways, including skipping, jumping and stretching.  This is part of the “Don’t Walk in the Hallway” initiative which will see colourful shapes in the hallways of Clearview schools for students to use in creative, physical ways.

The “Don’t Walk in the Hallway” decals and resource handbook was distributed to every school, and were made possible through the Student Wellness Grant from Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund.  In the upcoming weeks, students will be designing exciting pathways in their school with their school health champion.  Schools are looking forward to the many creative pathways students will create.

Clearview students will engage in a positive way by just changing the expectations of how to move through a hallway.  Recognizing the importance of promoting healthy learning environments, hallway decals offer a way to modify school spaces, helping to activate our students.  

“I am excited to see creative movement when students are in the hallways, and looking forward to seeing the positive effects it will have on student engagement and learning.  We know active bodies means active brains,” shares Superintendent Peter Barron.  “Education quality and current research about how students learn best are of the utmost importance to Clearview schools.”  

New findings from biology and education research show that regular exercise benefits the brain in numerous ways.

“Memory retention and learning functions are all about brain cells actually changing, growing and working better together,” says John J. Rately, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the author of Spark:  The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.  


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Brenda MacDonald
Deputy Superintendent
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Student Wellness Grant Lead
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