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Grand reopening ceremony commemorates newly renovated Stettler Community Recreation Track

Students and Community Figures Gather to Celebrate the Past and Future of the Track

On September 20th, 2019 the Shared-Use Recreational Facilities (SURF) Committee commemorated the grand reopening of the Stettler Community Recreation Track with a ceremony that spoke to the significant past and reinvigorated future of the facility. The Committee is comprised of representatives from the Town of Stettler, County of Stettler, and Clearview Public Schools. Students, stakeholders, and members of the public also gathered to partake in the event, with speakers including Battle River – Crowfoot Conservative Candidate Damien Kurek, Mayor Sean Nolls, Councillor Ernie Genre on behalf of the County of Stettler and Clearview Public Schools Superintendent Peter Barron. 

Master of Ceremonies, Clearview Public Schools Board Chair Greg Hayden, acknowledged the efforts of the SURF Committee who instigated and oversaw the project. The track received a state-of-the-art, UV resistant rubberized surface, which is expected to prolong the lifespan of the track considerably. Town of Stettler Councillor and member of the SURF Committee, Malcolm Fischer, addressed the history of the track and its use during the 1991 Alberta Summer Games, stating “the centerpiece of our legacy is this beloved track.” Councillor Ernie Gendre added that the renovated track is the result of “a community that is not afraid to collaborate.” 

Hayden also commended the financial support of the partners and sponsors who aided in the project. Special mention was given to Diamond Partner Inter Pipeline Ltd., who provided a significant contribution to the project. Says Breanne Oliver, Manager of Communications, “Inter Pipeline supports programs and initiatives that leave a self-sustaining legacy in the community, which is why we are proud to partner with the Stettler SURF Committee. We are pleased to join the community in supporting the upgrade of the recreational track facilities in town, where our employees and their families will also play.” 

The ceremony concluded by welcoming guest of honor, Ethel Williams, to cut the ceremonial ribbon. Williams has an acclaimed history as a track star, and has been an ongoing supporter of the Stettler Community Recreation Track. Students from participating schools surrounded Williams as she cut the ribbon and ended the event with a celebratory lap around the track. 

On behalf of the SURF Committee, Fischer concludes, “Stettler stands proud to have yet again shown commitment to a proud past and legacy, and a serious commitment to the future. All citizens of the area should share in that pride.”

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