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Now (still) accepting Clearview Community Awards nominations!

Clearview Public Schools invites nominations for the Clearview Award of Merit and the Clearview Star Award.  Nominations remain open until Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.

Do you know someone from our communities who has achieved excellence nationally or internationally? Or an individual who has made a significant contribution to the lives and welfare of students in Clearview through volunteerism or community relations?   If so, consider nominating them for either the Clearview Award of Merit or Clearview Star Award

The Clearview Award of Merit celebrates the personal achievement of students and staff, past and present, who have achieved excellence in a particular field, for which they are recognized either provincially, nationally and/or internationally.  

The Clearview Star Award recognizes staff and community members who have made significant contributions to our school communities through volunteerism, as a community partner, or supported our schools at the school community level.

Clearview proudly honours its students, employees, and community members with these two special awards.  By recognizing excellence and recognizing those that support learning success, we celebrate our communities and our students, and future generations of students.

Full details can be obtained through Clearview’s website or from central office in Stettler.

Nomination packages should be submitted to:

Peter Neale, Associate Superintendent
Clearview Public Schools
5031-50th Street, Box 1720
Stettler, AB
T0C 2L0
Phone: 403-742-3331            
Fax: 403-742-1388