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COVID-19 Update (2020-03-17)

I want to personally thank all of you for your patience and cooperation as we deal with the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on our schools and communities. 

Since Sunday afternoon when the Alberta Government announced that classes were cancelled, we have been meeting with the Alberta Government, our colleagues in Central Alberta, and our staff to determine next steps, with a focus on continuity of learning for our students and supports to families and staff.  

There is no question that the cancellation of classes is having a significant impact on everyone involved.


Please see the following as an update to our families and communities.  

  • Questions

If you have any questions, please contact your school principal or E-mail

  • Communication

During the next while, communication with you, the school, and Clearview will be vital.  Clearview, schools, and teachers will be using phone and E-mail (SchoolMessenger) in our communications.

As such, please ensure with your school that we have your up-to-date contact information including E-mail and phone.  

Also, you may opt in to receiving SMS (text) messages if possible and desired. 

  • Mental Health Supports

Your child may need supports for mental health, as a result of these additional stresses.  If your child needs additional support, please contact your school principal who will arrange for a Family School Liaison staff member to connect with you and your child.

  • Student Learning

School principals met with teachers and staff yesterday, and as a leadership group today, to coordinate our efforts to support continuity of student learning.  Parents can expect more detailed communication from your school and teachers this week.  While the learning will not be the same as students would normally receive, we are working hard to provide the best possible learning for our students.

Please also expect communication from schools this week on the sharing of technology, textbooks, and learning resources.

Our goal for all schools is to begin instruction for students starting Monday, March 23. 

  • Access to Internet

We have opened access to our wireless networks.  If you need access to the internet and are unable to do so elsewhere, you will be able to access our wireless networks as available near our school buildings and near the Clearview office in Stettler.  While not ideal for everyone, we hope that by doing this we can help those in high need.

  • Belongings

Schools will be communicating with parents and legal guardians very soon on how to claim any personal belongings at the school.

  • Graduation

Alberta Education has committed that students in grade 12 will graduate this school year if they are scheduled to do so, and they will receive support from their teachers and their schools to ensure they will be able to complete courses required to enter post-secondary programs in Fall 2020.

  • Provincial Examinations

Provincial achievement tests (for grades 6 and 9) have been cancelled.  A determination with respect to Diploma Exams (for grade 12) has not yet been made.

  • Fees

We will be reimbursing fees paid back to parents and legal guardians, as available or on a prorated amount.  For fees collected for a specific purpose (for example, field trips or milk), we will reimburse any unspent dollars.  For fees paid for services such as technology or transportation, we will be reimbursing on a prorated amount.  

We will need time to process the payments, and parents and legal guardians can expect further communication on this.  For now, our goal is to have this accomplished next week.

While this action may suggest that classes in schools are cancelled until the end of the year, we only know that classes are cancelled indefinitely.  The reimbursement of fees is to provide support for families that may be challenged during the current health crisis.


As I shared at the beginning of this message, we will provide regular communication to all partners.  

I would also give a big “shout out” to our dedicated staff who want the very best for students.  They are deeply saddened by the abrupt cessation of classes, and are eager to reach out to their students as soon as possible.  

We deeply appreciate all the support we have received over the past few days.  This is a challenging situation and we value your cooperation, and understanding.



Peter Barron