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Clearview provides $131,000 in nutrition dollars to local food banks!

Clearview is donating unspent nutrition dollars totalling almost $131,000 to local food banks in Coronation, Castor, Stettler and Big Valley.  These funds are part of Alberta Education’s School Nutrition Program which provides students with access to nutritious food throughout the school year.  Dollars provided to our local food banks will go to supporting families and children, providing the very basic of needs by feeding those that would otherwise go hungry.

With classrooms closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are unable to spend their complete allotment for nutrition and so, with the support of the Alberta Government, nutrition dollars will go to those with the highest needs.  

Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education, said on Twitter, “Ensuring our students do not go hungry while in-person classes are cancelled is of the utmost importance. We are giving non-profits and boards the flexibility to find solutions to provide meals or food for students as they learn at home.”

The goals of the nutrition program include the education of youth with respect to the importance of reading food labels, the choice and preparation of healthy food, and how to access Alberta's food resources.  The nutrition program also is to provide students in school jurisdictions across Alberta with a daily nutritious meal that adheres to the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth.

Schools follow the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth and provide food choices from the “Choose Most Often” category.  Clearview Public Schools is appreciative that Alberta Education has provided the financial resources allowing for this valuable learning opportunity at all schools.

Clearview expresses gratitude and appreciation for all school nutrition teams who tirelessly planned and coordinated healthy foods and nutrition education for our students and families.  We look forward to the continuation of the school nutrition program in the 2020-2021 school year.

Some additional nutrition resources and guidelines can be found in the following links:

For more information on school nutrition, please contact:
Grant Gosse, Director of Inclusive Learning
For all other inquiries, please contact:
Peter Barron, Superintendent