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Coronation Outreach School Consultation

As a valued part of the education and learning for our students, Clearview is seeking your feedback.

Clearview is considering the opportunity to shift the outreach programming offered through Coronation Outreach School into Coronation School effective September 2020.  The program and opportunities for students provided through the outreach programming option will continue.

Coronation Outreach School is currently operating in a facility apart from Coronation School.  In previous years outreach schools could not operate on school property, and starting next year the Alberta Government will now allow outreach schools to operate on school property.  This provides an opportunity to look for what is best for our students.

The consideration to move the outreach programming option into Coronation School will allow for even more supports and resources to be available (along with the outreach programming option) for those students at risk or could benefit in an outreach learning environment.  Also, by moving the outreach program into the school, the cost savings from the rent can instead be used for learning priorities. Further, efficiencies in school operations including administrative supports and increased collaboration with staff will be available.

Traditionally, outreach schools offer additional opportunities for students that may not be successful in a traditional learning environment.  Students that would use the outreach program within Coronation School will be able to continue to access the same level of supports and alternate learning opportunities, while also having access to the full-range of student learning supports available to all Coronation School students.

As part of the process in doing so, Clearview will no longer use the school code for Coronation Outreach School.  Under the Education Act (Section 62), both the removal of the school code and the move of the outreach program into another site requires consultation.

Pursuant to Board Policy 30 “Facilities”, when considering the decision to proceed with moving the outreach programming into Coronation School and no longer using the outreach school code, the Board shall consider the following criteria:

  • The educational impact on students in the school;
  • The enrolment of the school and programs within the school;
  • The population and demographic data;
  • The amount and cost of excess space in the school;
  • The cost to staff and operate the educational program at the school;
  • The cost to maintain the facility in operable condition or to restore the facility to operable condition;
  • The location and accessibility of the school and its proximity to, and impact on, other schools;
  • The necessity to safeguard the health and safety of students, staff, and public;
  • The need to consolidate or relocate existing programs;
  • The impact of closing the school on the community, taking into account existing or proposed development plans;
  • Transportation routes and costs;
  • Capital plan;
  • Costs associated with the transition; and
  • Other relevant factors.


Should you wish to provide your thoughts on the consideration to move the outreach programming to Coronation School and removal of the school code for Coronation Outreach School, please use the following link or you can mail to the following:

Peter Neale
Associate Superintendent
5031 50 Street
Stettler, AB   T0C 2L0

If you have any questions on the consideration and/or questions on the process, please contact the following:

Cam Brown, Principal (Coronation School)

Greg Hayden, Board Chair

Any comments or information received before or on Tuesday, May 26 will be part of the determination by the Board of Trustees to proceed.