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Schools raise over $31,000 for cancer research in 2019

These days, good news is something to celebrate and the results from the 2019 Terry Fox School Run are in. In 2019, thirteen schools from Clearview took part in Terry Fox Runs and raised $31,324.75 to benefit cancer research. 

Clearview Public Schools is proud of the staff and students as they work hard each year to organize and participate in the Terry Fox Runs to support this worthy cause. Terry Fox’s story is a defining piece of Canadian history and has become an integral part of the Alberta curriculum.  

In 1980, Terry Fox set out on a mission to transform his dream, to find a cure for cancer, into reality. It takes enormous strength to conquer an obstacle as big as cancer. Terry never faltered in his determination and perseverance and we are honoured to see Clearview Public Schools bring the same strength and spirit to this fight. For 40 years, Terry Fox runners have amazed us with their passion, raising over 800 million dollars for cancer research. These vital funds are accelerating precision medicine approaches and connecting field researchers in ways never thought possible under the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres network.


As the 40th anniversary of the run approaches, the Terry Fox Foundation has announced that Canadians will continue to support cancer research through Virtual Runs from coast to coast in September. Terry once said, “Anything is possible if you try.” The Foundation’s message is that the road ahead may be unknown and unlike any that we have ever been on, but together, we will take it one step at a time – just as Terry did. 


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