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School bus services ready for 2020-21!

Clearview has modified school bus services in light of COVID-19 to provide safe busing services for our students.


The main objective of the Clearview’s Transportation Services department is to ensure that students are transported to and from school safely.  We rely on students' behavior to ensure the safety of all students on the bus.  

It is necessary to establish general rules to set a standard to judge acceptable behavior on the bus and to ensure those rules are followed for student safety.  The bus driver is responsible for the students on their bus and must, therefore, receive the respect, consideration and cooperation of each student.

We are having to be flexible and adapt to new rules quickly and we greatly appreciate the patience and understanding you have shown us. 


COVID-19 Updates

To assist families in understanding the changes to transportation operations, the following is a summary of the updates relating to COVID-19 considerations:

  • Students will need to wear a mask prior to boarding the school bus and during the school bus trip for any students from Grade 4 to Grade 12.  Students in kindergarten to Grade 3 may wear a mask if the families choose to use this option.
  • If the child is showing possible symptoms of COVID-19 prior to boarding the bus, the child will not be able to board the school bus.
  • Students (Grade 4 to Grade 12) and the bus driver will wear a mask at all times.  The bus driver may wear a face shield with a mask.
  • Drivers will ask students to use hand sanitizer before boarding the bus and while leaving the bus.
  • Bus drivers will be sanitizing/disinfecting school buses after each bus run for high-touch areas.
  • If a bus driver notices a student with COVID-19 symptoms while en route to school they are required to ask the student to stay on the school bus until a staff member from the child’s school can assess the student.  In this event symptoms are noted during a bus run, the student may be moved to a safe area on the bus for the remainder of the trip and moved to a safe area in the school while the family is contacted.
  • Parents and children/students should not be in the pick-up area or enter the bus if they have symptoms of COVID-19. Please refer to this checklist below Alberta Health Services Checklist (see below) when deciding if your student(s) should get on the school bus.
  • Students will sit in assigned seating. Morning bus routes may have different assigned seating than afternoon bus routes.
  • Students must not share their devices with other students.

For more information on transportation services guidelines, please click HERE.