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School Starts Next Week!

TO: Our Clearview Families

Next week, schools are ready and eager to welcome your child back to the classroom.  We also recognize some families may want their children to continue to be educated while remaining at home.

To help understand our work in the first week to assist and understand the choice our families are making, please note we will be recording (as usual) attendance in-school to understand if families will be sending your child for In-School Learning.  If you are planning to have your child for In-School Learning but not next week (first week of school) please contact your school.

If we were expecting your child and we have not heard yet what choices you are making, school staff will be following up with your family and review options and understand how we can support your choice.  

We also appreciate that families may have registered with another division.  If you have already registered with another school division, please be aware that you are able to return and remain with Clearview and your local community school.  We welcome you to continue with Clearview so your child has a first choice learning environment through your local community school and with division-wide supports. 

Where you are selecting At-Home Learning, the Homeschool Program or registered with another division, please let your school know as possible on your choice to help us in our planning

Thank you, and we hope and look forward to seeing you next week.


For more information, please use the following Parent Resource link:  


(NOTE: Today the Alberta Government released more information on re-entry planning  Please note there is an updated daily screening questionnaire available at