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September 30th is Orange Shirt Day

Clearview Public School Division is proud to participate in Orange Shirt Day on September 30, 2020. We participate to grow our understanding, and to show our support towards reconciliation with our indigenous communities. Clearview school staff, students, and central office staff are encouraged to wear orange shirts to show respect and reconciliation for those Aboriginals impacted by residential schools.

September 30th is recognized by the Canadian Government as Orange Shirt Day, in recognition of the harm the residential school system did to children's sense of self-esteem and well being, and as an affirmation of our shared commitment to ensure that everyone around us matters.

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“Clearview Public Schools’ staff, students, and central services are wearing orange t-shirts on the 30th to help us remember the past, and present, devastating impacts of the Canadian Residential Schools System. Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for our school communities to work towards the recommendations outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. We take this day to educate our students of past wrongs to the indigenous communities and as a school division, help promote a better future for all through reconciliation.” - Brenda MacDonald, Superintendent Clearview Public Schools

Clearview schools are comprised of over 185 self-identified Aboriginal Learner students or 8.5% of the non-colony student population.

Clearview is investigating how best to meet the academic and social needs of our First Nations, Metis and Inuit students through a variety of supports and interventions. We believe that high leverage universal supports for all students will have a powerful impact on their achievement. We are examining the priorities and promising practices found in the new Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) research “Promising Practices in Supporting Success for Indigenous Students”.  They include: student well-being, participation, engagement, early learning, engaging families and supporting teachers and leaders. Clearview will take action to ensure that as a Division we are doing all we can to improve education for our Aboriginal learner students.


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