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October 2020 Superintendent's Message

Dear Clearview Public School Families,

September has gone by quickly, and it is exhilarating to be back to school whether it be face-to-face, at-home or homeschooling. 


I am very proud of our staff for going above and beyond as they implement a wide range of restrictions put in place by Alberta Health Services. I am equally proud of our students who have shown up with  very positive, cooperative attitudes regardless of the inconvenience these health restrictions create.  


When it comes to student learning, I want you to know that our teaching staff are doing their best to assess, identify, and move forward in filling various learning gaps that may have arisen this spring. As a school division, we are also working very hard to prepare for different ways to sustain learning through our at-home and homeschooling programs.   


I am sure by now you have seen that a few schools in Alberta have been dealing with what Alberta Health calls an “outbreak” (two individuals testing positive). We have been very fortunate in Clearview Public Schools not to have anyone test positive for COVID-19.   Over time it is quite likely that one or more of our communities will experience a positive test result or an outbreak (two cases). When this happens, you will receive a letter from us explaining what we are doing to ensure everyone's safety and the continuation of learning. Should this happen in your school community, we ask for you to remain calm and watch for communication from our division.  Please know that our first priority will always be to ensure a safe learning environment with support from Alberta Health.  


COVID-19 aside, there is no better time of year than Thanksgiving to sit and reflect on what I am most thankful for as a superintendent.


I am thankful for parent support in creating outstanding partnerships for our students. I want to give a special thank you to the parents who go the extra mile to make sure the home and school connections are working at its best.


I am thankful for students who are excited to come to school every day ready to learn. Students give us a daily reminder of what is most important and why we do what we do!


We are thankful for teachers, teacher assistants, custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, Family Service Liaisons administrators, trustees, and central office staff who care about student achievement and have our students' best interests at heart.  We are a learning organization and it is evident in all that we do!


It is in these most difficult times, when I see dedicated and tireless professionals going above to ensure that great things happen in our school communities. Everyone makes a difference, and students benefit from those fantastic efforts. 


Most importantly, I am thankful for parents that have kept the faith in Clearview.  We recognize that has not been easy, yet you continue to work hard and advocate for your children's education, safety and well-being. For this dedication to our students and our school communities, I am ever so grateful.


Happy Thanksgiving!  As you gather to give thanks, may the warmth and beauty of the harvest season bring happiness to you and your family!



Brenda MacDonald