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Superintendent's Message - December

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We have been honoured and privileged to represent Clearview Public Schools over the past year. Clearview staff and Board of Trustees believe that students' successful educational, emotional, social and physical growth is achieved through the collaboration and involvement of the parents, staff, trustees, and the community. We draw on that collaborative spirit as we journey through COVID-19. With this in mind, we are confident that schools within Clearview will continue to provide our students with safe, caring, and productive learning environments whether the learning is face-to-face or online.

We continue to strive to meet all students' educational needs through a variety of programs and services designed to help students face the challenges of the future. In 2020 - 2021, the new leadership team is excited to move forward, focusing on four priority areas: 

1. First Choice Learning Environment

2. Promote Growth and Success for all Students

3. Meet the Needs of All students with the Provisions of High-Quality CTS and CTF Programming

4. Enhance Public Education Through Effective Engagement. 


We believe progress in these areas will positively impact the goals set by Alberta Education and student achievement overall. On behalf of the students and staff of Clearview Public Schools, we appreciate everyone's role in ensuring our schools create safe spaces that foster creativity, learning and growth for all of our students.

We look forward to continued collaboration as we address the new priorities in our Three-Year Plan.

Unity and peace are part of the Christmas season. Growing up, my grandfather used to tell me stories about how his family celebrated Christmas. His father would always gather all extended family members and neighbours to share a meal regardless of how much they could give. This act symbolized unity, peace and family. I remember my high school social studies teacher sharing the remarkable story of Christmas 1914 World War I, which brought German and British soldiers together. On Christmas eve, British soldiers in the trenches raised signs reading "Merry Christmas." Soon soldiers from both sides could be heard singing Christmas carols. On Christmas morning, both sides rose from their trenches and met in the middle of No Man's Land. They sang songs, engaged in conversations, exchanged sweets and cigars. It was told that there was even a soccer game. This spontaneous truce continued into the next day, with neither side willing to fire the first shot.  That beautiful story reminds me that unity and peace can be achieved. 

We have experienced many life-changing events this past year. The holidays are an opportunity to look forward to the future possibilities in the new year. In the words of the late US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, "Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."

On behalf of the Clearview Board of Trustees, we extend best wishes for a restful and peaceful Holiday Season. May you, your family and friends have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. 


Brenda MacDonald


Clearview Public Schools