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Superintendent's Message - January

A Hopeful New Year in Clearview!

With plenty of enthusiasm, hope and clear plans, we begin the New Year 2021. We have the option to restart with a new beginning and continue to strive for success. We will put one foot in front of the other and keep a clear focus on our priority - student learning.

Clearview looks forward to students arriving back online January 4 - 9 and students back in classrooms on January 11, 2021. We wish you lots of success in online learning next week. 

We believe positive relationships and meaningful connections with students and our communities are foundational to our success.

  • In 2021, Clearview will be actively participating in community engagement to ensure that all that we do is focused on student success.
  • We value all students and their potential to have a positive impact on our future. 
  • We will be examining and reviewing our current beliefs and practices.
  • We make decisions in the best interests of all students.  
  • Taking all our community feedback into consideration, we will then create a new strategic plan and make decisions in all students' best interests. 

Let us embrace the upcoming year, 2021; let us all have shining spirits and aspirations for the future with much-needed optimism, hopes and happiness. Clearview wishes everyone an exciting year ahead—you deserve it!