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At-Home Learning consultations changed to allow for better feedback

On Friday, January 29 Clearview started consultations to help with understanding the opportunities for the At-Home Learning program in 2021-22.

This on-line engagement has now been changed to a survey that will only go to families currently registered with our At-Home Learning program.  Based on initial feedback, results were not favourable towards allowing Clearview to determine how the program will continue next year and what further opportunities there are for the program. We appreciate the input provided by families and thank you for your understanding.

If you are a family registered with our At-Home Learning program, you will be receiving an E-mail to provide your interest in the program next year and your feedback.


To our Clearview families and communities, 

In September, Clearview Public Schools began our At-Home Learning program to support families who made the choice to have their children to be educated at home. Now that we are half way into the school year, we want to hear your thoughts and feedback about this program so we can understand what is working well and identify opportunities to implement improvements.  The At-Home Learning program offered this year for all of Clearview is $350,000 for three teachers and supported by one-time COVID funding.  

All families, including those with children in the at-home learning program or those with children attending in-school programming, are encouraged to engage with the conversation through the Thoughtexchange tool.

We are also looking in the survey for families to indicate if they will be registering for the At-Home Learning program next year, so that we can begin planning if enough families are interested in this for 2021-22.

The exchange is open to parents, staff, students and community members.

Please join this conversation today and share your thoughts and questions, and be sure to come back to this link in the following days and add to the conversation, including rating the thoughts shared by others.

We will use the results of this exchange to look at the future of this option for families for 2021-22, and make improvement where possible for semester two.

This exchange will be open until Sunday, February 14, 2021.

Any questions, please E-mail