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Your Voice and Your Thoughts for 2021-22!

To our Clearview families, staff, students, and communities,

Clearview Public Schools is seeking your voice and your thoughts towards our planning for 2021-22.

We are beginning a process for consultation with our families, staff, students, and communities to determine how to align funding from the Alberta Government towards the best in student success for 2021-22.  

As you may be aware, typically in February the Alberta Government will be providing a budget for Albertans.  As part of the budget, school divisions including Clearview may see changes in funding.  As this may require choices on services and supports currently provided to students and staff, the Board of Trustees is seeking your thoughts to ensure transparency and certainty on the decisions that will be needed for 2021-22 and to ensure the resources available are used for the best purposes. PLEASE NOTE: Clearview and the Board of Trustees may be seeking further consultations once the Alberta Government has provided information on what funding will be provided, with consultations beginning as early as March.

We are offering to all those who wish to be heard to engage with the following question:

As we plan for the upcoming learning priorities and budget for next year, what do we need to focus on to ensure the success of every student in Clearview Public Schools?

To start the conversation, click HERE.  

The engagement for this phase will be open until February 28, 2021.

We are using an on-line engagement tool that allows continuous engagement: unique to Thoughtexchange is the ability to capture thoughts and information and also to allow individuals to visit and revisit to rate the information others have left. In this way, Thoughtexchange provides a cycle of feedback for both collecting great ideas and also allowing those participating to share how they agree with thoughts provided.  You can visit and revisit as often as you wish and stay engaged during the full process.

Please be respectful and honour the staff and individuals that are committed to our students' success.  We welcome all comments that are respectful and help us understand how to create a learning environment we can all be even more proud of, as well as comments that celebrate the great efforts being done.  Comments that are not respectful or seek to target individuals will be removed.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.  All information collected will be shared with the Board of Trustees, and feedback will be shared with all our communities where possible under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

If you have any questions please E-mail


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