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Superintendent's Message - May 2021

"Be strong; you never know who you are inspiring."


Happy Education Week! (May 3 - 7)

This is a time when people across Clearview pause, as they should, to celebrate public education and the hard work and dedication of all of our teachers, principals and support staff who are there for young people on a daily basis. We recognize Education week every year, but this year has a bit more significance; this has been a year unlike any other. I don't need to remind you of everything we have been through. Yet, our principals, our teachers, our support staff, and our central office staff have all worked tirelessly to ensure that Clearview students are educated, cared for, and supported despite the challenges. For that, I am deeply grateful. Teachers and support staff, I hope you are as proud of your efforts, as I am. I encourage everyone to reach out to our teachers and support staff, your colleagues and tell them how much you appreciate all of their dedication. A simple thank you goes a long way.  So, I thank you for making a difference every day to every student and family we serve across Clearview!  Happy Education Week!

Mental Health Week! (May 3 - 9)

The Mental Health Week is an annual event when there is an opportunity to focus on achieving good mental health and providing help and advice. I am so proud of the outstanding Family School Liaison (FSL) and the Caring and Resilient Students Program(CARS personnel. Our Clearview students are in good hands. The FSL and CARS staff offer universal, targeted and individualized support for children. I am incredibly grateful to these dedicated individuals. 


I love to read - my most recent read is...

Calm Within the Storm: A pathway to everyday resiliency by Robyn Hanley-dafoe.  It is a refreshing new look at an achievable path to everyday resilience as we try to navigate the uncertainty in our lives. I appreciate the achievable practices and strategies to assist with personal development and the learning about the obstacles that derail us and keep us stuck. The book is just so practical and told through stories.


Take Care and Stay Safe,


Brenda MacDonald