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Superintendent's Message - September 2021


Welcome Back to School 2021 

Welcome Clearview Staff, Students, Parents and Community!  I hope you had a wonderful restful summer with friends and family!  Each and every one of you deserved it.  

Yesterday, the Clearview community participated in a semi-virtual Professional Learning Day.  Our keynote speaker was Dr. Greg Wells,   who taught us about good health and self-care.    Dr. Wells suggests that good health can be as natural as breathing.  We must all eat, move, sleep and think.  If we do them well, we are capable of extraordinary things.  Staff will be sharing what they learned yesterday with their students because we believe in the fantastic potential we all possess.  

Reflecting on last year, I call it the year the “Year Like No Other,” I think we all slept less, moved less, maybe didn’t eat as well as we could and were mentally consumed with navigating our new reality. But staff dug a little deeper, rose to the challenge and provided students with the best education. For that, I am genuinely in awe of their tenacity.   Staff demonstrated grace, humility and compassion.  The team tried to normalize and bring sanity to education when the world seemed to be imploding.  Our students were so fortunate to have the Clearview staff member in those challenging times.  

I had hoped that this year would be different, but I believe we need to push through a little longer to get to a new normal.  We owe our students to provide the best educational system ever despite the challenges we face.

This year I am going to call the “Year of Reconstruction.”  I am optimistic about this school year.  I am enthusiastic to witness students walking through our doors once again inspired to learn and grow from Clearview’s dedicated and remarkable teachers and staff.  Our staff is committed to doing all that it will take to ensure students are on track and equip them for success for school and beyond.  We owe it to our students in Clearview to provide the best possible educational experience possible, which will require us to have a laser-like focus on serving them.  

It is time for us, school staff, parents and community members to come together and unite in this purpose.  The start of our school year presents us with an opportunity to renew our focus on learning and delivering high-quality education that had defined this school division for many years.  

And while we come from different backgrounds and sometimes have different perspectives, a common goal of doing what is best for kids should always pull us together.  So as we begin this new and exciting school year, let’s remember always to keep our students as our focus.  

The education system is noble and shapes the character, calibre and future of every individual. Therefore, our calling to serve students is profoundly important, whether you work in our outstanding schools, your children attend Clearview students or simply live in this great community.  

For the sake of our children, we all have a role to play in building excellent schools together.