2015 - Linda McLean

Linda McLean

LINDA McLEAN has made it her life's purpose to use her leadership skills and talents to lift up and be a role model for others while striving toward becoming a well-rounded spiritual being.

Linda is an internationally-respected business and life coach, the owner and founder of McLean International, and the author of the #1 International bestselling book, Next Level Living - Today's Guide for Tomorrow's Abundant Life, which has been translated into Vietnamese. Linda has written three books and a fourth is in progress. Her success as an author and thought leader in her industry has made Linda a sought-after keynote speaker, trainer, expert panel participant, and guest on many radio and television shows.

In McLean International, Linda offers the tools and knowledge gained from over 25 years of business, leadership and team development coaching/consulting to help individuals and businesses simplify success in all areas. Linda has developed a solid team of experienced business and life coaches as well as dedicated support staff, and continues to grow her company. McLean International's clients include businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to successful business leaders and top sales producers.

Each day, with a spirit of gratitude, Linda works to do more, be more and help more. Through it all, she strives to maintain balance in all areas of life, particularly work-life balance. Her favorite activities in the "leisure facet" of her life include golfing, travel, skiing, photography, cooking, and church. Giving back to the community, especially as a breast cancer survivor, is a top priority. Linda is blessed to live her life's purpose with the support of her husband Scot, President of International Operations for Haws Corporation, and her two remarkable daughters, Paige, in medical school and Brittany, accomplished in the business world of mergers and acquisitions. Linda also feels blessed to enjoy time with her "Grand Dog" Palmer.

Linda grew up as part of a family of six kids on a farm in Coronation. She played a variety of school sports including volleyball, basketball, softball, and track and field. One of her greatest joys in life, however, was riding her horses. She recalls going out for rides in sunny Alberta, enjoying the endless view of miles of fields and land. This beauty is one of her favorite lasting memories of her home country. Linda also has great pride in her Canadian culture, one of kindness, caring and community where everyone is always there for each other.

Linda feels absolutely honored and touched to be recognized for the Clearview Award of Merit and offers her sincere gratitude to all involved.