2022 - Mandi Rietmann

Mandi RietmannGuy Neitz, Clearview Board Chair says, “Mandi Rietmann’s work in her community library is an extension of her role as an educator in Big Valley school. She has passionately engaged and energized her students and community in the joy of reading. Thank you Mandi for sharing the love of lifelong learning with your students.” 

“Mandi is a dedicated Big Valley library volunteer. She is the lifeblood that keeps Big Valley library running,” writes Rachel Rex, a Big Valley community member and Big Valley School parent, in the letter that accompanied Rex’s nomination of Rietmann. Rex writes, “[Rietmann] leads [the library’s] fundraising and programming, and regularly comes up with library contests, initiatives and promotions to involve children and families with literacy outside of school.” 

Rex writes that she appreciates that Rietmann arranges for each student in her class at school to obtain their own Public Library card and facilitates the use of the library by ordering the students’ requested books, picking them up from the library and then returning them to the library when the student is finished reading the books. Rex says that as a result, her own child (in Rietmann’s class) “has taken ownership of his own learning and reading, and is proud to have a library card of his own.” 

Rietmann says she is surprised, humbled and honoured to receive the Clearview Star Award.
“I feel very fortunate to work with such great community members and colleagues who deserve this award just as much as I do and have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today,” says Rietmann. 

“Connecting my students to other people in the community and the province as a whole has always been a priority for me,” says Rietmann. “It is lovely working in Big Valley and having access to a local library. I have been able to help with programs being run through the library while at the same time nurturing more of a love of reading in my students.” 

Rietmann continues, “My students are and have always been the best part of my job. I adore teaching them, seeing them light up with excitement when we learn something new, and am extremely grateful to be a part of their lives. I feel that the most rewarding job in life is helping to shape the next generation and being able to build an enjoyment of learning in the children of my classroom is incredibly exciting.”

Rietmann says she plans to continue her focus on teaching literacy in the future and to increase her own knowledge in the area. “In addition, I am looking forward to helping create more library programs in the future that support literacy in the community,” says Rietmann.