2024- Jenna Shepherd

Jenna Shepherd

Clearview Public Schools takes immense pride in recognizing Jenna Shepherd, a dedicated member of our Transportation Department, who has recently been honoured with the prestigious Clearview Star Award. Jenna's journey with Clearview is both inspiring and exemplary, beginning her career behind the wheel as a bus driver and evolving into a pivotal figure within the department. A proud graduate of Clearview herself, Jenna has not only excelled in her professional role but has also become a cornerstone of support and guidance for her team.

Nominated by Hugh Cox, Jenna is celebrated for her exceptional contributions and commitment to excellence in school transportation. Hugh lauds Jenna’s unparalleled dedication, stating, "Jenna is the lifeline for all bus drivers, along with coordinating buses for field trips. She is the go-to girl for help, and they would be lost without her." Her role extends beyond mere coordination; she is instrumental in training new drivers, bringing invaluable firsthand experience and understanding from her days in the driver’s seat. This unique perspective makes her an effective mentor and a relatable leader.

Hugh further praises Jenna’s quiet yet impactful presence by saying, "Butterflies cannot see their wings, but the rest of the world can. Jenna - you are amazing and while you may not see it, we can, your drivers!" This metaphor beautifully captures the essence of Jenna’s humble yet significant impact on her colleagues and the broader Clearview community.

Jenna Shepherd's story is a testament to the powerful impact of dedicated individuals in our educational community. It’s the often-unseen efforts that weave the fabric of support and safety crucial for educational success. As Jenna continues to lead and inspire, her legacy is marked by the lives she touches each day—a true embodiment of the Clearview spirit of service and community.