2018 - Doug Griffiths

Doug GriffithsAfter acquiring an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Education, Doug spent several years teaching and ranching with his family. Despite having two degrees he always said the best education and practical experience he ever received was growing up on the farm and in his small community of Coronation. It taught him practical lessons about life, built in him a strong work ethic, and developed in him a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful, and how the wrong attitude can ensure failure.

Concerned about the future of rural communities, Doug ran and won his first election to become the sixth youngest person to ever serve in the Alberta Legislature. Elected for four consecutive terms, Doug continuously advocated for policies that would strengthen communities in rural Alberta. Through his four terms he also served in two senior Cabinet portfolios as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister of Service Alberta, as well as three junior positions in Agriculture, Finance and Solicitor General.

Still on crutches from a freshly shattered femur and one semester into an Executive MBA, Doug retired from politics in January 2015, after 13 years of service, to resume his long-time passion for helping communities find ways to be prosperous and enduring. He has since completed his MBA, and released a second edition of his book with over 40% new content, which has joined the ranks of the first edition, as a national best-seller. Doug travels across North America speaking to, and working with, communities of all types to find them their path to success.

His beautiful wife Sue and their two young boys, Brady and Austin, are incredibly supportive of Doug in all his endeavors and adventures. They currently live in the small community of Ardrossan. Doug fundamentally believes that success or failure ultimately comes down to your attitude and whether you are willing to adapt to or create change, which may be why his motto through life has been: There’s Always a Way.

Congratulation Doug Griffiths on being one of 2018 Clearview Award of Merit recipients.