Foundation Statements

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Foundation Statements

Our Vision

Resilient, compassionate, and active learners engaged in their communities.

Our Mission

Learners will be inspired to develop growth mindsets and achieve excellence through collaborative and innovative learning experiences.

Our Motto

We All Belong - We All Succeed


Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe Clearview Public Schools is the best education option for students in our communities.

  • We believe positive relationships and meaningful connections with students and our communities are foundational to our success.

  • We value all students and their potential to have a positive impact on our future.

  • We make decisions in the best interests of all students.

  • We believe in and support our quality staff and their passion for learning and professional growth.

  • We embrace, promote and work to enhance our rural experience.

  • We ensure the budget and financial framework reflects a long-term, stable learning environment focused on the strategic goals for Clearview Public Schools.

(Approved 2020-01-15)

Our Priorities


LITERACY:  Increased Literacy Skills Among All Students

  • create a Literacy Framework for all stakeholders to engage with
  • research and utilize evidence-base literacy programs within Clearview
  • engage Layers of Literacy professional development for all K-9 teachers
  • use a systematic and explicit approach to phonics/phonemic awareness

NUMERACY:  Increase Math Proficiency Among All Students

  • research and implement a statistically valid Numeracy Assessment for Grades 1-9
  • begin a focus on numeracy collaboration, assessment and evidence-based instructional strategies

STUDENT ENGAGEMENT: Increased Engagement of All Students in All Aspects of School Life

  • ensure a broad range of programming for students of all ages
  • create "voice and choice" for students within the classroom and school
  • enhance Off-Campus opportunities by hiring a Divisional Careers Engagement Facilitator in partnership with CAREERS
  • create a Student Engagement Quality Standard Document to utilize with staff in creating and growing in classroom engagement strategies

(Approved 2022-05)

Our Guiding Framework for Strategic Planning and Budget Development

The following guiding framework for decision making with respect to strategic planning and budget development is predicated on the goal of student success.  No guideline is prioritized or weighted, and none of the guidelines are in isolation to another.  All guidelines work together to support the goals of the organization.

  • We will ensure that strategic decisions and budget decisions reflect Clearview’s Strategic Plan and Clearview’s Principles and Priorities approved by the Board, and the areas of focus provided by Alberta Education.
  • We will use a strategic planning and budget development process that is respectful, open and consultative with all educational partners: employees, parents, schools, students, and our communities.
  • We will make budget decisions with integrity, taking into account the elements of fairness and equity.
  • We will ensure respectful relationships through effective communication; we will be comprehensive and open when communicating budget information; we will provide all budget facts.
  • We will ensure that resources, whether they are people, materials or technology, are allocated to best support student learning.
  • We will continuously examine our initiatives, practices, and procedures to ensure they effectively support our goals.
  • We will make data-informed, value-for-dollar decisions which will include consultation with those affected where appropriate.
  • We will plan annually to maintain an appropriate level of operational needs reserves and contingency reserves, allowing us to ensure operational effectiveness and to manage the risks toward Clearview and student learning.
  • We will ensure student success through the attraction, development and retention of staff who are student-focused and share our values of learning, collegiality and respect.
  • We will ensure the safety of our students and staff; we support their wellness, physical, and mental health.

(Approved 2020-03-05)