Student Accident Reimbursement

As a service for parents and students of our district, Clearview Public Schools has purchased an accident insurance program that provides protection against the unexpected costs of injury.  All students in our district have this protection during school hours, either on school property or on school-sponsored trips.  

If you wish to purchase additional insurance to protect your child outside of school hours, we have made arrangements for families to voluntarily purchase additional student accident insurance through the accident Insurance program, underwritten by Industrial Alliance Financial Group.

Parents with other insurance (employer benefits, etc) must submit claims to the other insurance carrier(s) first.  The nature of the claim will determine what (if any) additional forms must be completed. iA Financial Group reserves the right to request additional information when processing-the claim.  Original receipts must be attached for eligible expenses being claimed, except in the case where they were already submitted to another insurance carrier. In those instances the explanation of benefits from the other insurer must be submitted along with the iA Financial Group claim form.

Written notice of claim is to be given to iA Financial Group within a period of 30 days from the date of the accident. Completed claim forms must be filed with iA Financial Group within 90 days after the date of the injury and no later than one year regardless of whether the full extent of loss is known. 

For assistance with submitting a claim or to obtain claim status, parents may contact iA Financial Group at (800) 266-5667.

Please note our policy is Special Markets Solutions Policy #100012511.