New Career Engagement Facilitator

New Career Engagement Facilitator
Posted on 11/02/2023

Ms. Candace Maruk has been hired to be Clearview's Career Engagement Facilitator. Candace has been working as an EA at WEHSSC and will continue in this role on a part time basis – so you’ll still see lots of her!


Candace demonstrates the qualities and skill sets necessary to excel in this work, which will include working closely with all Clearview grade 9-12 students in post secondary and career planning; connecting students with various career education opportunities with the support of our local businesses, industries and agencies. Candace is passionate about creating opportunities for success for students and is looking forward to engaging in this important work.


A message from Candace:


I have lived in Stettler for most of my life and decided to call it home quite some time ago. My husband and I are raising our two incredible boys here and love that they get to grow up in a tight knit community. 


For the past three years, I have worked in WM E Hay Secondary Campus as an educational assistant. It was within this position that I learned the most valuable skill of all - how to build and achieve positive relationships with students and staff members. Forming a trusting, reliable, and honest connection has been instrumental in helping many students succeed. I truly believe when students are seen, heard and feel safe, the magic of growth happens.


I’m thrilled to continue establishing positive connections with students and have the opportunity to assist them with career plans for their future. Meeting new faces at some of our rural schools and working together to find a career that will excite students, is something that I am really looking forward to. Giving students the opportunity to explore a variety of careers and find a job that will suit them, is vital and extremely important for not only their future, but everyone's future. I am honoured to have been chosen for the Career Engagement Facilitator role and look forward to building additional productive connections with students, staff and community members.”


Congratulations, Candace!