Superintendent's Message

Time To Say Goodbye. May and June are months that combine both sadness and joy.  Organizing farewells and graduations are top on the job list for many staff, and both events evoke feelings of pride and nostalgia.  Grade 9’s are preparing for high school, and grade 12’s are venturing into th...

Clearview Spotlights

Clearview Stars!

Clearview Public Schools is proud to celebrate and share out a "star" member of our team who is helping our students succeed: Meet Melody Kent, one of our great bus drivers who has driven students in Halkirk to their community schools for 36 years! Melody grew up in Donalda and is the third o...

Parent and Student Survey re: Policy 105.

TO: Parents and Students of Clearview Public Schools. RE: Policy 105 Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Environments. Clearview Public Schools wants your feedback. The Board of Trustees has drafted a revised Policy 105 “Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Environments” (Safe and...

Learning with Technology in Clearview Classrooms

Clearview celebrates learning with technology! This year our students have had access to Chromebooks in grades 3 to 9, and all of our students have been introduced to Google Apps for Education. We invite you to watch this 5 minute video highlighting some of the successes this year. Please click the...

Board Highlights - June 16, 2016

For Immediate Release The Board of Trustees is pleased to provide you with the highlights of our board meeting held on June 16, 2016. To view full highlights, click here.