Greetings everyone!

How is Clearview planning to grow this year? November is upon us, and the school year is well underway.  The focus at the start of the year is on getting to know our students and planning for the year.  Planning happens at all levels.  Alberta Education offers up its business plan in the sprin...

This is Clearview! To see a video showcasing our successes and great things happening in Clearview, please click HERE.

Clearview Spotlights

Christmas Concert Schedule

Clearview Public Schools invites you to celebrate the holiday season with students and staff throughout the division and in your community.     

Clearview schools make hallways a fun place for students!

The Don’t Walk in the Hallway initiative showcases how physical activity has a profound impact on a child’s mind, body and community. Clearview Public Schools will be increasing the fun and health of students by encouraging creative ways to move in our hallways, including skipping, jumping an...

Clearview Stars!

Clearview Public Schools is proud to celebrate and share out a "star" member of our team who is helping our students succeed: Meet Penny Dahl, one of our Family School Liaison staff in the CARS program! Penny Dahl has been a Family School Liaison team member at Stettler Elementary School for...

Board Highlights - November 24, 2016

The Board of Trustees is pleased to provide you with the highlights of our board meeting held on November 24, 2016. To view full highlights, click here.