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Depending on where you live, your child may or may not qualify for transportation to school.  If your child needs transportation, and you want to find out your child qualifies, please contact Transportation Services HERE.

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Kindergarten - Grade 9

Phone: 403-876-2271



Kindergarten - Grade 6

Phone: 403-742-5187



Kindergarten - Grade 9

Phone: 403-578-2247



Kindergarten - Grade 9  

Phone: 403-579-3959



Kindergarten - Grade 12

Phone: 403-578-3661



Kindergarten - Grade 9

Phone: 403-883-2195



Kindergarten - Grade 9

Phone: 403-742-5220



Includes both Gus Wetter School and Castor Outreach School

Kindergarten - Grade 12

Phone: 403-882-3242



Kindergarten - Grade 6

Phone: 403-742-2235




Includes both Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary and Stettler Outreach School

Grade 7 - Grade 12

Campus Phone:  403-742-3466

Outreach Phone: 403-742-3609




Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to create a new account to register my child? 

Families who are registering for the first time using the on-line registration process will need to create a new account.

In subsequent school years, parents need to create a new account if this is the first student to register using the On-line PowerSchool Registration Form. If parents are returning to register, they will sign in using their previously created registration account.

What information do I need to register my child?

For students living outside villages or towns, legal land descriptions and blue sign addresses are needed.

You should also have ready the emergency contact information, including phone number and E-mail address.


What documentation do I need to register?

The preferred documentation is a provincial (Canadian) birth certificate.

Alternate documentation could include: 

  • Canadian citizenship document, 

  • Student Visa, 

  • Student immigration papers or study permit,  

  • Landed immigrant documentation,

  • Guardianship Letter: If parents live outside of Alberta, legal guardianship must be applied for through Alberta Government.


What if I do not have access to a scanner?

  • Take a photo with your smartphone, tablet or computer, and then upload it directly to the form.

  • Email the photos to the appropriate school personnel.

  • Contact the school and arrange how to bring your supporting documents into the school to ensure your registration is complete. 

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Phone the school and the school administrative assistant will be able to assist you.